The Echo Friendly Business Hotel…,

Welcome To Rohini Hills

The warmth of hospitality makes a lasting impression on your hearts. The splendor of comfort has always attracted your soul. That is why we have adorned Rohini Hills - The business hotel In Kunnicode, Kottarakkara, Kollam. The hotel at the serene Kunnicode near Kottarakkara is a guest delight one.

Signaling the grandeurs inside, its stylish lobby invites you into the world of supreme luxury. Here in company with cool breeze and greenery, you will get memories to cuddle. Rohini Hills, Kunnicode is one among the business hotel in Kunnicode, Kottarakkara. You will fall in love with everything when you stay in Rohini Hills as the hotel started its nourishing in Hospitality from the expertise of ROHINI group from 1969 as a legend in this field.


The Rooms

Rohini Hills hotel features spacious guest rooms and bathrooms that combine comfort, style, elegance and the latest technology which provides comfort to the guests in every manner.

This speciality transform Rohini Hills into an ideal place; both for leisure and business travellers. The soothing palette of warm colours along with the branded furniture, combine the classical with the modern and create a beautiful and cosy atmosphere.

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